Nursing Assistant Program

Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistant (CNAs) assist pstients with health care needs and care for patients who are ill, recovering from illness or suregy, or require care due to disease process,limitations,or disabilities.CNAs work under direct supervision of a licesed health care provider ,(i.e.LPN,RN,ARNP, physician, or deentist )Their duties include activities of daily living ,bedside care, and basic nursing procedures in a variety of settings (i.e.nursing homes, hospitals, adult daycare centers,personal homes ,and assisted living facilities.) in order to become a CNA, succssesful completion of a training program required by the state and  passing of the state certification exam are reqquired. 


The CNA program at Angel Technical Institute (ATI) is approved  and licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing and the Florida Departament of Education-Commission for Independent Education.ATI's CNA curriculum is three weeks in length . The program includes introduction to the health care field ,provides experiences in the classroom, simulation laboratory, and clinical  areas that result in development of basic competencies ,and provides competencies  that are prerequisite to specific areas and job  entry utilizing standard precautions, correct body mechanics, provision of privacy, maintenance of confidentiality, and proper use of standard equipment. On successful completion of the program,graduates receive a program certificate and are eligible to make application to take the Florida Board of Nursing Certification Examination via ProMetrics.